Saturday, May 23, 2009


After attending a digital class, taught by the best Diva, I am hooked on brushes. Mainly brushes because I know how to download and them use them. I can download anything but using it is another matter.
I have longed to venture into the digital scrap booking world. I will always have to cut and paste, touch and feel. But beginning able to take my lap top and create anywhere is a wonderful experience.
So all of that said. Enjoy the pictures with two digital frames and a brush to ink edges. This is so cool and a lot of fun .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Through My Garden Gate

Some years my backyard is just okay but sometimes it is some what unbelieveable. It seems that God has graced me with that latter this year. When I take my girls out in the morning, I just stop and stare. Often they are waiting for me to go back in.

My breded iris have been so beautiful. I have tried to grow these for many years. It was not until we took out some crepe myrtles that they really took off. I have one lilly that is called a lemon lilly. I do not know the latin name. My Granny gave it to me and said it came from the old Meriweather home place in Coweta county. It truly smells like lemons. My lambs ear is blooming with it's little purple flowers. Lambs ear is very special plant to me because it reminds me of a cocker spaniel's ear. It has that soft feel to it that I love. You can not beat the combination of my red knock out roses and the lime green spirea. They just go together. The little red knock out roses are such a hardy flower. They bloom from the first breath of spring until the cold, cold weather of winter.

I am very happy with my little backyard. Click:, to step through my garden gate.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girls Got To Get Away

I a so lucky to have a huge family. God has blessed me with two families who I love very much. My Mother gave me a wonderful step-father, a brother and two sisters. My Dad gave me a beautiful step-mother and three brothers. Could I have been any luckier?

Now you have some history, let me introduce the girls that I love to travel with. Back row l-r,

Linda is my cousin by choice. She is so much fun and keeps us laughing. The question is what will she come up with next? Linda is also our medical provider and keeps us all healthy on our trips. She now carries super glue for replacing caps. Will not travel without you Linda Leigh!

Karen is my first cousin. Our fathers are twins. Being 8 or 9 years older, oh the memories I have of Karen. The best description is "She's a pistol". Karen is the quite comedian of the group. She loves to silently pester people, but she has such a light up smile. You just laugh with her. Right Linda?

Of course there is Me. What can I say? I like to think that I am fun, kind, good-looking and all of the above. The thing I enjoy the most is the time I have with these people on our trips. I am very selfish. Do not intrude on our time together. We do not get to spend a lot of time together. When we are away it is just us.

Bottom Row L-R

My Aunt Joyce is someone that I could strive to be more like. She has such a loving heart. Joyce is our care giver on our girl trips. All of my life, I can not remember her without a smile. She is just a kind and caring soul. I love spending time with her. Out of the whole huge family that I have, Joyce is my only aunt. Love you Aunt Joyce!

Last but certainly not least is my Step-Mother Betty. She is such a beautiful women inside and out. It took me a long time to truly love her with all of my heart. Blended families can be hard but today we have a warm and caring relationship. I love to see the way my Father loves her. I long to have her strength and courage. Betty faces life's challenges daily through God's love. She is an example to the women in our family. Love you girl.

Can you see why I love these women so much? We love to be together. We can laugh together, cry together, argue together and learn from each other. To me this is the definition of family.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, There Is An Easter Bunny!!!!

Yes friends there is an Easter Bunny. My honey and I spent Easter week-end at our home in Florida. We live on a great street with a lot of friends. I just love it here. On Easter morning, I went out onto the porch with a cup of coffee in hand to enjoy the morning. God was truly glorious this morning. The sky was a brilliant blue with puffy white clouds. There was a cool, gentle breeze and life was truly good. I decided to walk down to the dock and to my surprise in the flower boxes the Easter Bunny had left two Easter eggs. Both eggs contained a shinny new penny for good luck. This 51 year old women was excited as a little kid. Thank you Easter Bunny, (Peggy,Tommy,Sara Beth,Andy and Sarah). You bunnies made my day.

Let me know if a sweet little bunny visited you. Happy Monday to all, have a good one.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny Funny

flashing easter bunny Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, I could not resist this bunny. It is to funny! Say a prayer and laugh with me.


Easter Pictures, Images and Photos

He lives! Our Lord and savior lives and walks with us daily. There is never a moment in our lives the our Lord does not look over us. On this beautiful Easter day give thanks for a risen Lord.

"Because he lives, we can face tomorrow".

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maya Road

Everyone knows how I love Maya Road. I love every product they have ever products and their blog. I get lots of ideas and fun project to add to my scrapbooking supplies. I could not resist adding the little monkey to my site. Maya Road is having a contest. Click on the link below and entry the fun.

Cruzin' Cousins

Hello fellow blog friends. My blog has been silent for sometime . I have not had a lot to say. For those of you who know me, you will find that hard to believe. So a warm hello to those who may read.

I have just returned from a 7 day Caribbean cruise with my StepMother, Aunt and two cousins. We had a blast. What a shock to come home from 80-85 degree weather to snow and the 30's. Burrrrrrrr My cousins and I try to plan a girl trip about every six months. This is four to seven days of togetherness, fun, laughter and family time. We are all busy and rarely get to see each other out side of our trips. My beautiful Stepmother is fighting for her life in her battle of breast cancer. I pray each day that God will be with her and help her through. My aunt is the glue that holds us together. She is the Mama of the group and what would we do without her.

Any way click here to enjoy all the fun, CARIBBEAN .

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just call me Orlando, the famous fisherman. I do think he was a fresh water fisher. My little love Dixie and I are in Fla. again. Work continues on our house with four contractor's scheduled to work tomorrow. But, my love here is the sun, water and any type of water sport. This was last week-end with my honey and I. He is not very patentice and has a hard time sitting still to fish. The weather was nice and it was a great day on the water.

Enjoy your week.